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Created in response to the climate crisis, this piece is a call to connect with the wildness within. To recall the time before humans believed themselves separate from the natural world. Earth, clay and water were combined with aerial work to embody the four elements required for life.

Created by Sophie Page Hall and Ephyra Ana for XR Underground as part of the Vaults Festival


The story of a woman fighting against a silent illness, My Body of Air merges physical theatre, aerial artistry and holographic projections to examine the fragility of the body when faced with mortality.

A collaboration between Will Davis, Sophie Page Hall and VFX specialist Pete Wallace. Supported by Jacksons Lane Theatre, Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the National Centre for Circus Arts.


Drawing on the eponymous myth, this piece of aerial and physical theatre examines the themes of love, loss and the underworld. The performance was created within a tube of special material onto which holograms were projected to interact with the performers.

A collaboration between Sophie Page Hall, Will Davis and video artist Mark Morreau. Funded by Labtime from the National Centre for Circus Arts.


An aerial silk performance performed and choreographed by Sophie Page Hall for a music video, directed by John Karborn and Michael Kinsella Perks.

Sophie Page Hall, Aerial Silks Aerialist
Sophie Page Hall Aerialist Doubles Rope
Sophie Page Hall Aerialist projections p
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