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Sophie Page Hall, Aerialist, Performance

I have always been fascinated by our relationship with the natural world. How the ancient rituals and elemental rhythms of the earth, sea and sky have the power to transform our lives.


My work centers around themes of spirituality and the impact of nature on human beings. As a performance artist I draw on my experience in circus, movement and theatre to make work inspired by myth, animism and autobiography.

After beginning my performance career working in traditional circus as an aerialist, I went on to train in devised theatre at The London International School of Performing Arts in 2007-09.

In 2012 I studied movement at The Grotowski Institute.

Recently I completed a Masters at the Thomas Pratkki Centre for Integral Movement and Performance Studies during 2019-21.

As an aerialist and physical performer I have worked worldwide in operas, theatre productions, Olympic ceremonies, circuses, site specific performances and festivals.

In 2011 I created World of Coco circus performance company.

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