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Compass Walks

In November 2019 I set myself the task of walking in a single direction from sunrise to sunset, leaving my phone at home. The desire to do this was born from a sense of frustration with the human-centered hecticness of London life. London has always felt to me as though it never ends, full of dead ends and obstacles, and it was difficult to even understand how one might walk out of it. I took a compass with me to ensure I could navigate around the city’s restrictions and was always travelling in the same direction.


This soon became a ritual for me: setting out from my doorstep with nothing but a compass and a direction. It led to an astonishing re-experience of London. I leaned of rivers that run beneath the city. I heard sounds I had never heard before. And I met people who challenged my ways of thinking. Once I came face to face with three deer in the twilight of Epping forest. It was then that I knew I had embarked upon a new piece of work.

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