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In The Company Of Trees  1m 39s

Being in and around trees is something I have always enjoyed but during the isolating lockdowns spending time with them felt essential. The sense of grounding and calm they provided impelled me to begin deepening that relationship. In autumn I spent a week in Yorkshire, amongst the trees of Sunnydale woods where I grew up, exploring the theme of being imbedded in the land. I was joined by photographer Laura Mate for this project.
Epping forest and its ancient beech trees have been another focus of movement investigation. I experimented with embodiment through mask and costume made from natural material such as bark, leaves and branches from the forest floor. Video artist Andrew Davies documented the beginnings of this exploration with images and a short film.

The Sea Inside  2m 25s

Myths and folktales about the sea have always fascinated me. During the lockdowns I was instinctually drawn towards working with shells. At this time of restriction, it became a way to connect with the mysterious underwater world. Once it was possible, I began going to the seaside and collecting again but focusing on a more in-depth sensing of place. This was a profound experience. I was astonished by the diversity of these liminal spaces where water meets the earth and the tiny creatures in these extraordinary homes of calcium carbonate. Making masks inspired by the beaches where I gathered shells became a ritualistic way to re-access the spirit of these places. Combining the masks with movement lead me to collaborate with the video artist Andrew Davies. We created this short film amongst the wonderful chalk rocks of St Margaret’s Bay.

Out Of Darkness  2m 39

A solo autobiographical performance exploring place, instinct and the importance of rekindling an animistic reverence to the natural world.

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